Hunger Relief

Level: 1


  • Find a news report on the topic of world hunger and discuss with your Pathfinder Club unit what steps are being taken to reduce hunger in the area featured in the story.
  • Listen to a person who directs food distribution in your area, including a church, community center, soup kitchen, etc. Find out about the people they serve, some causes of food needs in the community, and how they meet these needs. Share your findings with your instructor.
  • Describe the causes of hunger in your country. You can do this by writing a short essay, doing a presentation, skit, or producing a one-minute video. Present this at your school, civic group, Pathfinder Club, or at church.
  • Collect food items for the local community food bank or food distribution center, or if this is not possible select a family that needs assistance and bring the items to them.
  • Visit a food bank, food distribution center, or soup kitchen and volunteer to assist the staff. This can be done with your Pathfinder group or unit. Talk with the staff to find out how the food is gathered and what some of the challenges are in finding food to distribute.

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