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This honor is the combination of the work of two divisions, SAD & NAD.

  • Research the history of guitars and how they came to your country.
  • Describe or show the difference between melody, harmony and rhythm.
  • Distinguish three different types of guitars. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  • Identify the three divisions of the guitar and identify 15 different parts, explaining the function of each part.
  • Demonstrate the correct posture to practice guitar. Explain the importance of practicing in that position.
  • Know the names of the fingers, strings and hand positions. Demonstrate each in its proper way.
  • In standard tuning, the 6 strings on a guitar are associated with which notes?
  • What are the chords (figures) and how are they built? Write by memory a list of all major and minor chords, along with specific finger positions.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform at least seven major and minor chords (ex. A, B, B7, C, D, E, G, F, A minor).
  • Explain the difference between flats and sharps? Show how they are represented for guitar play.
  • Describe the difference between nylon and steel stringing, and explain the reason behind your preference.
  • Demonstrate the use of a capo and how to replace a guitar string.
  • Play a song using at least two different techniques:
    • Strumming
    • Fingerpicking
    • Classical
    • Other
  • Select three simple hymns or spiritual songs that you can play on guitar, and teach them to a unit, club or group.

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