Genealogy Advanced

Level: 3


  • Have the Genealogy Honor.
  • Define a primary source versus a secondary source for documentation.
  • What is the purpose of documentation?
  • Demonstrate a census extraction for one branch of your family from six of the following censuses:
    • 1840
    • 1850
    • 1860
    • 1870
    • 1880
    • 1900
    • 1910
    • 1920
  • Show a pedigree chart you have filled out for seven generations. List the information you have been unable to learn and what efforts you have made to locate this information.
  • Show 42 family group records you have filled out and the documentation notes to go with the family group record.
  • Find military records/pension records on one of your family members. If your family has none, then show military/pension records on any person.
  • Show vital records you have obtained for one person from item # 5 including: a. birth b. marriage c. death
  • Show a copy of three obituaries on relatives with documentation where you found them.
  • List four web sites and/or libraries where you have been able to locate information for your family research.
  • Where in the Bible does it say not to spend time on fables and endless genealogies? What does the Seventh-day Adventist Commentary list as the reason for this advice?

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