Level: 1


  • Describe what a flag is and list three uses of flags.
  • Know and locate the following parts of a flag:
    • Canton
    • Field
    • Finial
    • Flagstaff
    • Fly
    • Fly end
    • Halyard
    • Hoist side
    • Truck
  • Know three important guidelines for the care and handling of your national flag.
  • Learn how to and practice folding your national flag.
  • Practice proper etiquette when saluting your national flag.
    • In uniform while standing
    • In uniform while marching
    • In field uniform
    • While wearing headgear
    • When not in uniform
  • Draw the Pathfinder flag with emblem.
    • Learn who designed the Pathfinder flag and who sewed the first Pathfinder flag
    • Color your drawing with appropriate colors.
    • Know the meaning of the emblem.
  • Draw the Christian Flag.
    • Explain what the colors represent.
    • Know what the emblem represents.
  • Know how to display the national, state and /or province, Christian, AY, and Pathfinder flags for each of the following occasions:
    • Campsite when camping
    • Platform for special ceremonies
    • Church service for Induction, Investiture, and or Pathfinder Sabbath.
    • Fair booth
    • Pathfinder/AY Club meeting
  • Learn and share with your group the history of your country/island’s flag and what the colors and symbols on it represent.
  • Identify the flags of your Division and know what countries they represent.

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