Level: 1


(Instructor Required)
1.      Be able to explain and illustrate an experiment by which the laws of electrical attraction and repulsion are shown.
2.      Explain the difference between a direct and an alternating current, and demonstrate the uses to which each is adapted. Give a method of determining which kind flows in a given circuit.
3.      Make a simple electromagnet or connect a bell or light with a battery using an in-line switch.
4.      Make and run a simple electric motor from a kit or take apart an electric motor and identify the parts and explain how it works.
5.      Be able to make a simple battery cell.
6.      Demonstrate ability to replace fuses or reset breakers, and show the proper way to splice wires.
7.      Show how to rescue a person in contact with a live electric wire, and have knowledge of the method of reviving a person insensible from shock.
8.      Make a diagram of a lighting system of an automobile.
9.      Make a diagram properly showing the lights, switches, and convenience outlets controlled by each fuse or breaker in a house.
10. Read an electric meter correctly, and compute a residence bill at the rate charged in your community.

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