Christian Citizenship

Level: 1


1.      Describe the national, state or provincial, AY, Pathfinder and Christian flags.
2.      Know how to display the national flag with two other flags under the following situations:
a.       Campout / camporee
b.      Pathfinder Day Program
c.       Parade
3.      Demonstrate how to fold and salute your national flag. Mention when and how it should be displayed.
4.      Explain the meaning and reason for the National Anthem and recite the words from memory.
5.      Give the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of your country.
6.      Have an interview with a local, regional or national official of your country and learn about his duties.
7.      Write a one-page essay or give a two-minute oral report about a famous person in your country. Mention what he has done to gain his recognition.
8.      Do one of the following:
a.       Make a list of ten famous quotations from leaders of your country.
b.      Make a list of ten famous historic places in your country.
c.       Make a list of ten famous historic events in your country.
9.      Describe what you can do as a citizen to help your church and country.
10. Go through the steps of an individual acquiring citizenship in the country and learn how this is done.
11. Know how to explain the process of government in your country.
12. Explain the meaning of the statement Jesus made in Matthew 22:21: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”
13. Explain why laws are established in your country.

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