Level: 2


  • In what way is the Cetaceans family different from most other sea life?
  • Explain the difference between Baleen and Toothed Whales.
  • In what way have Whales and Dolphins been a benefit to man?
  • Explain how it is that a Whale which breeds in the warm waters of the tropics can also survive the ice cold water of the Antarctica where they go to feed, (considering the whale is a warm blooded mammal like humans).
  • Memorize the following Scriptures concerning whales:
    • Genesis 1:21
    • Ezekiel 32:2
    • Job 7:12
    • Matthew 12:40
  • Write and read to a group, or tell from memory, the story of Jonah.
  • Successfully draw a Baleen Whale and identify where the following body parts are:
    • Baleen Plates
    • Blowhole
    • Dorsal Fin
    • Ear
    • Eye
    • Throat Pleats
    • Flukes
    • Flippers
    • Genital Slit
    • Median Notch
    • Peduncle
  • Be able to identify at least fifteen Cetaceans.

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