Level: 2


1.      Know at least three light sources for caving and the importance of having extra light supplies and backup lights. Have an experienced person in caving show you how a carbide light works.
2.      List all equipment needed for a successful caving trip excluding vertical equipment and start putting together your own set of equipment.
3.      Locate an experienced caver and join that person in exploring at least three relatively easy caves accumulating a total of ten hours of actual caving time.
4.      Keep a log of these explorations, noting date, cave locations, conditions, features, hours spent in each, names of other members in your party and trip leader’s name.
5.      Learn, know well and practice caving safety rules.
6.      Practice “walking” yourself up a steep slope by pulling yourself along a rope.
7.      Describe several ways caves were used in Bible times.
8.      Participate in the mapping process of a small cave you have explored.
9.      Know the names of at least five different speleotherms and three cave dwelling animals. Be sure to include any of those you have observed in your report for requirement number 10.
10. Write a paper of at least 500 words on your caving experience so far (through the ten hours); include all you have learned while carrying out the previous nine requirements of the Honor.

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