Cacti Advanced

Level: 3


  • What are succulents?
  • Identify from plants or photos five succulents that are not cacti. How are they different from cacti?
  • Know the definitions of the following terms within a cacti/succulents frame of reference.
    • Areole
    • Cephalium
    • Coalesce
    • Corymb
    • Diurnal
    • Epiphyte
    • Glochid
    • Nocturnal
    • Offshoot
    • Panicle
    • Scale
    • Stolon
    • Zygomorphic
  • When raising succulents — including cacti — they may be attacked by maladies. What are the most common and how can you prevent or cure the problems?
  • Propagate at least one plant by using one of the following methods: from seed, by cuttings, or grafting.

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