Basic Rescue

Level: 1


  • What is the definition of an emergency rescue?
  • Show how to safely rescue a person from the following situations:
    • Being in contact with a live electric wire
    • A room filled with fumes or smoke
    • Clothes on fire
    • Drowning using a non-swimming rescue
    • An ice accident
  • Show three ways of attracting and communicating with rescue aircraft.
  • Know six indications for the need of an immediate rescue.
  • Know six procedures to follow before moving a victim from a life-threatening situation.
  • Know five principles involved in moving a victim from a life-threatening situation.
  • Know the proper ways to help a victim, without assistance, in the following:
    • Pulling the victim
    • Lifting the victim
    • Assisting a victim in walking
  • Know the proper way to help a victim, with assistance, in the following:
    • Chair carry
    • Fore-and aft carry
    • Two-handed and four-handed seats
    • Blanket carry
    • Three-man hammock carry with victim in supine and prone position
    • Three or four-man lift
    • Six-man lift and carry
  • Know how to properly use a stretcher and carry a victim on a stretcher.
  • Know how to make an improvised litter.
    • Tie knots for joining ropes together
    • Tie knots for shortening a rope
    • Tie knots for use around a person for a rescue
    • Coil and accurately throw a light and a heavy 50-foot (15.2 m) rope
  • What steps should be taken before reporting a lost person? What information will be needed when reporting a lost person? How is a search for a lost person conducted in a wilderness area?

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