Archery Advanced

Level: 2


1.      Have an Archery Honor.
2.      Explain the advantages to be found by the target archer in making use of the following equipment:
a.       Bow square
b.      Bow sight
c.       Bow stabilizer(s)
d.      Clicker
e.       String Peep
f.       “Kisser Button”
g.      Bow Level
h.      Aluminum Shaft Target Arrows
i.        Plastic Arrow Fletching
j.        Bow Sling
k.      Flexible Arrow Plate
3.      Explain what is meant by arrow spine.
4.      Where possible the archer should study carefully from an Archery Instructor’s Manual the following topics:
a.       Problem Correction
b.      Advanced Shooting
c.       Bow Tuning
5.      Using a standard (Olympic bow) score one of the following:
a.       Indoors: 30 arrows (5 rounds) at 18 meters score 200 points on a 60 cm. target
b.      Outdoors: 30 arrows (5 rounds) at 50 meters score 200 points on a 122 cm. target

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