Level: 1


  • Give the general characteristics of antelopes.
  • Give three size-groups of these animals, with two examples of each
  • Be able to identify at least 15 different antelopes.
  • What do they eat? How do they digest their food?
  • Name three ways in which one benefits from having these animals in the country where one lives.
  • What are “false hoofs”? Which members of this family do not have them?
  • Which antelopes are classed as rare South African animals now? Where can they be seen, outside of the zoo and the museum?
  • What natural enemies do the antelopes have? How do antelopes protect themselves and their young?
  • Which is:
    • The largest antelope?
    • The swiftest runner?
    • A good fighter?
    • A good jumper?
    • Chiefly nocturnal?
    • Called “the African Chamois”?
    • The national animal of the Union of South Africa?
  • Say which antelope you like to watch most. Tell five of its habits.

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