• Play a song on a simple instrument, OR mark the rhythm of a tune with a tambourine, triangle, etc.
  • Act out a character or animal with costume or gestures so the group may recognize it.
  • With the group, act out a story or sing a song.
  • Sing two traditional songs of your country.
  • With a few friends, organize fifteen minutes of entertainment for a group, OR tell a story to a group.
  • Find, read, and explain the meaning of Psalm 66:1-2.


  • Use a reed pipe, flute, harmonica, recorder, piano, etc.
  • Encourage the Adventurers to use their imaginations and creativity.
  • Help the Adventurers share and take turns. Encourage group singing as well as individual talents.
  • Teach the Adventurers some traditional songs. If your group includes children from many nationalities, learn songs of different countries and sing them as a group. Encourage parents to teach songs of their childhood to their children.
  • Encourage the Adventurers to work together and organize a program. If you are working with an individual, have him or her tell you a story.
  • Discuss the verses together and decide how you can make a joyful “noise.”
Adventure Awards Book