Swimmer II


  • Complete and receive the Swimmer I Award.
  • Review and discuss safety rules to be observed when swimming or playing in the water.
  • Float on your back for 30 seconds.
  • Float on your stomach for 30 seconds.
  • Jump in water over your head and pick up two stones.
  • Swim 10 yards (10 m) freestyle.
  • Swim on your back for 10 yards (10 m).
  • Swim a few yards using your feet only, then using your hands only.
  • Tell three things you could do to help save someone from drowning.


  • Encourage the Adventurers to complete both swimmer awards so they will be ready to go on to beginner’s swimming when they join the Pathfinder Club.
  • Impress on the Adventurers that safety is very important. Be sure they observe these rules:
    • No running, pushing, or shoving.
    • No jumping into water without knowing it is safe and free from rocks and sticks, etc.
    • Do not swim during a storm.
    • Do not swim unless an adult is present.
    • Do not depend on a flotation device for safety.
  • Work with the Adventurers individually so each may float without fear.
  • Have the Adventurers practice holding their breath while floating face down, then come up for air and put their faces back into the water to continue floating.
  • Place two stones without sharp edges in water just over the Adventurers’ heads. Have each child jump in and pick them up.
  • Teach proper kicking and arm and hand strokes.
  • Teach proper kicking and arm and hand strokes.
  • Teach proper kicking and arm and hand strokes.
  • Three things a child could do to help a person who is drowning include: run to a nearby adult for help; hold a long stick out for the person to hold on to; throw a rope out to the person and pull him or her to shallow water.
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