• Spot and identify the following:
    • Four different animals
    • Four different types of motor vehicles
    • Two different types of airplanes or boats
    • Four different nature objects such as trees, flowers, etc.
    • Four different birds
  • Observe and describe three people in uniform. Tell what they do and why they do it.
  • Find, read, and discuss what the text Matthew 28:20 tells us.
  • Observe your church. Write or draw a picture that tells what you can do to help keep it clean.
  • Look at your room and draw a picture of it. If you have a scrapbook, put your picture in it. Clean your room. Draw a second picture and tell how your room looks different.
  • Remember ten out of fifteen items after looking at them for two minutes.


NOTE: The goal of this award is to help the Adventurers become more aware of people and things around them and to consider how they can help change things for the better if they observe problems.

  • If possible, have the Adventurers do these observations outdoors. If not practical, have the Adventurers draw pictures of items they find, or cut pictures from old magazines. These may be placed in the Adventurer’s scrapbook if you have done the Reporter Award.
  • If possible, have the Adventurers observe the people in person. If not practical, have the Adventurers draw, photograph, or cut from old magazines pictures of uniformed workers and place them in the reporter scrapbook or begin a new scrapbook. Some examples are:
  • Policeman
  • Fireman
  • Nurse
  • Postman
  • Ambulance worker
  • Traffic officer
  • Find, read together, discuss, and explain Matthew 28:20.
  • Help your Adventurers learn to spot potential problems and what they may do to help, for example, pick up trash, straighten song books, etc.
  • Explain that the Adventurers may be good spotters, but unless they do their part to clean their area they have not earned the Spotter Award.
  • Place familiar items on a table and have the Adventurer study them. After two minutes, cover the items and have the child tell you or make a list of the items they remember. Play this game several times to teach the children to be more observant.
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