• Describe how to care for skis and boots.
  • Demonstrate the following:
    • How to carry your skis
    • How to put them on
    • How to fasten them
  • Demonstrate how to climb in steps, in scissors, and how to make a kick turn.
  • Demonstrate how to sideslip and go over bumps.
  • Demonstrate how to turn right, left, and brake.
  • Describe the different kinds of snow.
  • Demonstrate the following:
    • How to run a short slalom of six gates


  • Safely ride a beginner’s lift and ski the beginner’s hill under control and in good form.


NOTE: Activities leading to this award must be supervised by an adult who skis well.
  • Skis and boots should be wiped clean and be dry before storing them.
  • If you do not ski, invite someone who does to teach these basic skills to your Adventurers.
Adventure Awards Book