Sewing Fun


  • Tell what the first sewing needles were probably made of.
  • Describe what was probably first used as thread.
  • Tell when sewing machines first came into existence.
  • Demonstrate how to thread a needle and knot the end of the thread.
  • Sew a button onto a piece of cloth.
  • Sew two snaps or press studs and connect them properly.
  • Sew a hook and eye and connect them properly.
  • Demonstrate the ability to sew three different types of stitches, such as the following:
    • Baste or running stitch
    • Hem stitch
    • Back stitch
  • Make a useful article using at least two different stitches.


  • The first sewing needles were probably made of bone.
  • Horse-tail or other animal hairs were probably the first thread.
  • Sewing machines were first used in the 1850s.
  • Demonstrate how to be safe when threading a needle. Have the Adventurers practice tying a knot at the end of the thread.
  • Sew a button on a piece of material or clothing. Teach the Adventurer to make small, even stitches.
  • Demonstrate how to sew snaps on two pieces of material or clothing and connect them properly. Make small stitches without puckering the material.
  • Demonstrate how to sew a hook-and-eye on material evenly.
  • Demonstrate how to make three kinds of stitches. Have the Adventurers try to make the stitches neat and even.
  • Some examples are:
    • Scissor holder: Cut the pattern, place material together, and stitch by hand, making even, neat stitches. Include loop at top of scissor container for hanging.
    • Pin cushion: Fill pin cushion with sand or small seeds.
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