• Give a report to your parents about an Adventurer function.
  • Make a reporter scrapbook that includes at least three Adventurer outings.
  • Watch or listen to the news for one week and prepare a short report on the major news items.
  • Listen to announcements at church and read the church bulletin.
  • Put bulletin announcements in your scrapbook.
  • Circle the events you were most interested in.
  • Talk with your pastor or Sabbath school teacher. In your scrapbook include:
  • A drawing of the person (include name and tell where he or she works)
  • Describe what he or she likes best about his or her work.
  • Keep your reporter scrapbook for at least two months.


  • Have a sharing time in your Adventurer meeting so each child will have practice in sharing a “report” with others. Help them learn to put events in order, and encourage them to tell their parents about an Adventurer function. Start a simple “Reporter” scrapbook. Let each child design a cover with his or her name on it. Typing paper or unlined notebook paper would be appropriate. To get started, give the children a copy of an Adventurer announcement to place in their scrapbooks.
  • Make a scrapbook story using magazine pictures or pictures the Adventurer has drawn and colored. A sibling, parent, or friend may need to help. Have the children print captions below the pictures to describe the items. Have the children share what they learned.
  • Encourage the Adventurers to listen to news on radio or television to know what is going on in the community and the world.
  • Have the Adventurers tell you about the announcements and the church bulletin. Ask which were most interesting to the children.
  • Help each Adventurer set up an appointment for an interview with a pastor, Sabbath school teacher, or school teacher. Prepare those adults for participation in this activity.
  • Work on the “Reporter” scrapbook for at least two months. Add clippings of interesting school, church, and community activities. This may be a group activity, but each child should make his or her own scrapbook.
Adventure Awards Book