• Explain why we pray, what things we pray for, and how we pray. Read Isaiah 40:31.
  • Read Matthew 6:5-15, the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Pray to God and Jesus three times a day for one week. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
  • Teach someone you know about praying and say a prayer with him/her.
  • Do three or more of the following:
  • Make a prayer request chart and ask people if they have a prayer request and pray for them.
  • Lead out in a club opening or closing prayer.
  • Make a card with a prayer in it and give it to someone.
  • Ask the pastor about prayer.
  • Have a prayer breakfast for kids and parents.
  • Make a prayer journal and see how God answers prayer.


  • We pray to stay close to Jesus because He is our very best friend and we want to be like Him. Read Mark 1:35. We pray to thank Him for His love and care, to ask for forgiveness, and to help others and ourselves. Read James 5:16. We should have a quiet time each day with Jesus, but we can pray any time, anywhere.
  • Discuss the Lord’s Prayer with children.
  • Ask parents to encourage children to pray and to make it a daily habit. Provide resources for parents on how to teach children about quiet time with Jesus.
  • Discuss how to teach someone to pray.
  • All activities included in worksheet. Discuss with children how each of these activities can be done. For the prayer breakfast, invite kids of all ages to attend and have a child give the message.
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