Outdoor Explorer


  • Take a nature walk and collect:
    • A leaf and tell what tree or plant it comes from
    • A feather and discover what bird it is from
    • A rock and learn what type it is
    • A seed and identify the plant it comes from
  • Learn and recite the following golden rules for hiking:
    • Never cut trees.
    • Never pull up live plants.
    • Do not remove any type of markers.
    • Stay off “No Trespassing” property.
    • Ask permission before walking on private property.
    • Don’t litter.
  • Tell what side of the road to walk on and explain why.
  • Hike one-half mile (1 km) to a picnic area, carry your own lunch, and eat lunch at that area.
  • Take two walks of at least one mile each. One may be with the club and one with your family. Do the following as you walk together:
    • Find nature items for ABC’s such as: A = Acorn; B = Butterfly; C = Caterpillar, etc.
    • Talk about what you see and tell on what day each was created.
  • Learn and recite the following five safety rules for walking:
    • Always walk with at least one partner.
    • Carry water when going for a walk.
    • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
    • Wear proper clothing.
    • Watch where you walk so you won’t become lost.


  • Aim: To develop observation skills; to explore and share.
  • Discuss each rule and be sure the Adventurers understand reasons for it.
  • Contact your area motor vehicle department to determine local laws. Always walk to the side of the road.
  • Enjoy the walk and picnic together. Be sure the children carry their own food, jackets, etc.
  • As you walk together, discuss what you see and help the Adventurers determine when each was created; for example, trees, birds, fish, butterflies, horse, etc. One walk should be with the club or class and one walk with the child’s family. Have one of the parents write a note to confirm their walk.
  • Children are never too young to learn the safety rules of walking with a partner, carrying water, wearing comfortable shoes and clothing, and watching so as not to become lost.
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