• Where does honey come from?
  • How does the bee make honey?
    Understand the terms: super, extractor,nectar, pollen.
  • What is the role of the beekeeper?
  • Make two crafts from the following list:
    • Bee hive
    • Honey comb
    • Bee
    • Flower
    • Your choice
  • Taste three flavors (types) of honey. Discover which you like best. Why
  • Memorize two of the following Bible verses:
    • Exodus 3:8
    • Psalm 19:7-10
    • Psalm 34:8
    • Proverbs 24:13
    • Proverbs 25:16 & 27
    • Matthew 3:4
    • Your choice


  • Explain where nectar is in flowers.
  • Explain the honey making process.  The bees put the flower nectar in a sack in their throat. The bee transfers the nectar to a hive cell, fans the honey with its wings to remove moisture, which makes the honey thicker.
  • The beekeeper tends to the bees.  The keeper removes the honey filled frames from the super, and then whirls them in an extractor to get the honey out. The honey is then strained and bottled or canned to be sold. Have someone come wearing a bee suit to explain this process, if possible.
  • Craft should be fun and educational.

Check your local area market.

Additional enrichment ideas (not required)

*Have a beekeeper give the presentation.

*Go visit a place that has an indoor viewable hive with protective plastic sides.

*Visit a bee store and discover the products available.  The storekeeper may have free honey samples.


www.orientaltrading.com (bee crafts)

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