• Make six of the following:
  • A get-well card
  • A dry or silk flower arrangement
  • Bread dough or clay figure
  • A shell picture
  • A string sculpture
  • A mobile
  • An item from paper-mache
  • A picture using egg shells, seeds, or sea shells
  • A cover for an autograph or photo album
  • A collage using six different materials
  • A poster inviting people to an event
  • An article of your own choosing, neatly done
  • Give at least two of the above items to:
  • A family member or friend
  • An elderly person in your church or community


NOTE: Encourage neatness and originality of design in all projects.

  • Make six of the following:
  • Use paper, lace, etc. to decorate a card. Include a get-well message and give the card to someone who is ill.
  • Collect silk or dried natural flowers for arrangements.
  • Encourage each child to be creative as they bake and paint.
  • Design a picture using shells and glue. Display at a club or school meeting.
  • Use a simple pattern to make a string art project.
  • Design and make a mobile. Use at least three patterns.
  • Use paper-mache to make a model of an animal or car.
  • Glue objects to cardboard to make a design. Paint it if desired.
  • Cover an autograph or photo album neatly with material.
  • Make a collage using a variety of materials such as felt, wool, cotton, straw, bark, dried flowers, etc.
  • The poster should be colorful and easy to read.
  • You may choose to have the Adventurers make the same craft item or give them several choices.
  • You may need to arrange transportation so the Adventurers can present gifts personally.
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