• Define habitat and select one to study.
  • Learn about your habitat. Record the day and time you looked at it and what you saw.
  • Name, photograph, or draw a picture of the animals, insects, etc. that you see.
  • Name, photograph, or draw a picture of the plants that you see.
  • Describe your habitat and tell about interesting things that you learned.
  • Find verses in the Bible that tell about your habitat.
  • On which day did God create your habitat?
  • Describe what you think the habitat of Heaven will be like.
  • Create a habitat.


  • Habitat: Distinctive and characteristic surroundings such as a pond or deciduous woodland. A habitat is determined chiefly by the vegetation. It can be a woodland area, a back yard, fruit orchard, or vacant lot. It can be as small as a tree or a rose bush and even be inside your home.
  • This can be done in one outing, but more interesting if the habitat is visited more than once and at different times of day or night.
  • Genesis 1:9-13.
  • Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 22:1-5.
  • Suggestions for creating a habitat:
  • Plant flowers that will attract butterflies.
  • Use real or artificial items to create a show box scene of the habitat you studied.
  • Have the class create a mural that combines all the habitats studied.
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