Friend of Jesus


  • Tell a friend about Jesus and how good He is to you.
  • Invite a friend to a meeting at your church.
  • With your counselor or other adult helper, prepare a devotional or a prayer to be given at Sabbath School, a club meeting, or school.
  • Take part in a missionary (outreach or witnessing) activity.
  • Attend a baptism and discuss what it means.
  • Explain what it means to be a friend of Jesus and name five friends of Jesus listed in your Bible.
  • Speak kindly to your family and friends. Discuss how being kind and courteous is also being a friend of Jesus.
  • Be able to pray at mealtime and at bedtime.


  • Help the Adventurers learn to verbalize their love for Jesus and to share that love with others. Encourage them to pray simple prayers to express their love for Jesus (also for point number 8).
  • Encourage the Adventurers to invite a non-SDA friend. Discuss how they can be a good example by sitting quietly in church, walking softly, whispering only, singing, kneeling for prayer, being kind, etc.
  • Help the Adventurers prepare a simple talk appropriate for their age group; encourage their own ideas.
  • Talk with your pastor and get involved in outreach programs of your church.
  • Explain the reasons for baptism and tell the Adventurers that it was Jesus’ example for us. See that each child has the opportunity to attend a baptismal service.
  • Children may list Jesus’ disciples or other friends such as Mary, Martha, Lazarus, etc. To be a friend of Jesus means to accept His friendship and love and to share both with others.
  • Jesus knows our thoughts and actions. Because He loves us, we love Him and everything He has made, including our families and friends. Expressing kindness to others is showing our love for Jesus.
  • Teach the Adventurers the basic elements of prayer, including praise, thanksgiving, cleansing from sin, commitment, etc.
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