Friend of Animals


  • Do one of the following:
    • Take care of an animal or bird for four weeks.
      • Feed it and be certain it has fresh water.
      • Keep its cage or resting place clean.
    • Put out food scraps or seed for animals or birds in your neighborhood. Keep careful watch for four weeks.
      • List and identify creatures that feed there.
      • Draw or color pictures of them.
  • Identify three different birds. Observe them and study their habits.
  • Identify and describe characteristics of three breeds of dogs and two breeds of cats.
  • Visit one of the following and write a report of what you do and see:
    • a zoo
    • a natural history museum
    • an aviary
    • a kennel
    • a farmyard
    • a pet shop
  • Set up a feeding station for birds or animals.
  • Play an animal game.


  • Help the Adventurers learn responsibility and proper care for a pet. (You may purchase a group pet and have the Adventurers take turns caring for it.)
  • Teach the Adventurers to be observant of nature and where to obtain help in identifying animals. (Use a library or museum.)
  • Same as number 2.
  • Include family members. Talk about what you saw and learned.
  • A feeding station may be as simple as a window sill or a particular place on the ground. To attract birds and animals, use a variety of seeds, nuts, and grains.
  • Choose from different animal games such as Animal Lotto, Animal Dominoes, and bird and ani­mal games available at Adventist Book Centers or other Christian book stores.
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