Fitness Fun


  • List at least four things that contribute to physical fitness.
  • Run or jog 800 meters (approximately one-half mile), OR Run fifty meters in ten seconds.
  • Make a high jump. (Record highest of four jumps.)
  • Jump or skip rope for three minutes.
  • Do three different stretches. Hold each for a minimum of ten seconds.
  • Leg
  • Back
  • Arms/shoulders
  • Participate in an obstacle course.
  • Demonstrate your ability to do the following:
  • Ten sit-ups
  • Climb a pole, rope, or tree
  • Hang from a bar with hands and knees
  • With your group, participate in an organized game that requires physical fitness, for example, ball game, relay race, leapfrog, etc.


NOTE: This award is one of the requirements for the Sunbeam Class.

  • Fitness includes proper nutrition, rest, water, exercise, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, endurance—keeping your body in the best possible condition.
  • Jog or run as a group, always with adult supervision.
  • Jump onto a mat or other soft material such as sand or sawdust. Be certain the “bar” the children jump over is set lightly on pegs and is not a solid piece that could cause injury.
  • Play several jump rope games, allowing for practice, as many may never have used a jump rope.
  • When stretching, use static stretches (hold stretch for 15 seconds without bouncing). To avoid injury, do stretches both before and after exercise.
  • Set up an obstacle course that the Adventurers can run around, under, over, and through. Use objects such as tires, cardboard boxes, pylons, ropes, and poles.
  • An adult must supervise these activities.
  • Play these games as a group or family if possible. Be sure an adult supervises.
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