• Earn the Road Safety Award.
  • Demonstrate:
  • How to keep the bike clean
  • How to safely ride the bike
  • Use turn signals while riding
  • How to take care of the bike
  • Participate in a bike activity.
  • Do a five-mile bike ride.
  • Make a map of where you went.
  • With your family, use your map to retrace your route.


  • Helps for number 2:
  • Clean and polish the bikes, then decorate them and have an inspection.
  • Set up a barrel race to practice.
  • During the above race, use hand singles.
  • Have small groups act out good and bad ways of caring for a bike. Have them wear plastic garbage bags and oil the chain.
  • Hold a Bicycle Derby Day:
  • Bike inspection by the police or fireman
  • Have a “pit” area for preparing bikes for inspection.
  • Plan a parade for decorated bikes. Give a prize.
  • Play games using the bike: Fast race, slow race, relay race, paper boy throw, obstacle race, etc.
  • Plan a five-mile bike hike. Decorate your bike, then go to a park with paved trails. After the ride, have a picnic or go swimming. Have a special reward for those who successfully complete the hike.
  • Map-making is fun. Keep it simple. Use pencils and rulers.
Adventure Awards Book