Household Arts


  • Explain what courtesy means.
  • Explain the Golden Rule.
  • Learn and demonstrate good table manners.
  • Demonstrate how to answer the phone correctly. Demonstrate good telephone manners by:
    • Making a telephone call to an adult
    • Making a telephone call to a friend of your choice or
    • Introduce an adult to a friend.
    • Introduce your teacher to a parent.
  • Share an experience about a time:
    • When an adult was courteous to you
    • When you were courteous to another person
  • Show acts of courtesy as you
    • Ask for a drink
    • Say thank you
    • Apologize
    • Greet a friend
    • Share and take turns


  • To be courteous is to show consideration to others by using good manners and proper behavior. Demonstrate examples of courteous behavior.
  • The Golden Rule is a precept, or rule of life, set forth by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount and recorded in Matthew 7:12. In different versions it is stated as “Do to others what you want done to you.”
  • Encourage good manners by having a pretend meal, with table setting, showing the children proper table etiquette such as not talking with food in your mouth, using fork and spoon correctly, saying please and thank you, etc. You may wish to have a “banquet” for the Adventurers so they can put into practice what they have learned.
  • Teach the Adventurers to speak distinctly when they answer the telephone, to ask the caller whom they wish to speak with, and to relay the message quickly. Be sure the child knows how to call for help in case of an emergency. If telephones are not available, teach the Adventurer how to make introductions properly.
  • Give the Adventurers a few minutes to tell their story. You may need to share an experience to get them started. Encourage the children to be kind to one another as well as to adults.
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