Country Fun


  • Pick a country you want to study.
  • On a world map, find the location of the country and identify what continent it is on.
  • Find, draw, or trace a map and flag of your country.
  • Learn six facts about the country, such as those suggested below:
  • Draw or find a picture of the native dress.
  • Learn a Sabbath or secular song.
  • Listen to the national anthem.
  • Learn to play a Sabbath or secular game.
  • Name the main religion.
  • Collect a stamp, postcard, or coin.
  • Read or listen to a legend, myth, or story.
  • Make a simple craft or food from the country.
  • Read in the Bible how languages originated at the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).


1.     Use local church members, library, or website for information.
2.     Recommended book and website are listed below. You may wish to make a country scrapbook.


Adventure Awards Book