• Know and explain camping safety rules.
  • Camp out at least one night with your club or family.
  • Help pitch a tent. OR Make a simple shelter from native materials.
  • Help set up your camp stove or help build a campfire for cooking.
  • Help prepare at least one meal while camping.
  • After your camping trip, help put camping supplies away.


  • Use common sense in all Adventurer activities. Some rules are included here. Others will be determined by your local situation. Check with the local Forestry or Park Service for specific guidelines for your area.
  • Do not camp too close to streams and bodies of water. Do not harm the environment. Do not cut or destroy trees, bushes, or plants. Never leave a campfire unattended. When you are ready to go home or will be gone from the campsite for a long time, put the campfire out. Never camp or hike alone. Do not run while carrying a sharp object.
  • Camp out at least one night, making this a special time to enjoy nature (trees, flowers, stars, birds, etc.).
  • Help the Adventurers clear ground, layout ground cloth, set up the tent properly, and learn proper care of all camping items, including tent zippers, tabs, and stakes.
  • Teach safety when handling stoves, fuel, matches, and fire. Teach how to clear the area around a campfire and when and where it is safe to build a campfire.
  • Teach the Adventurers to heat water, boil, fry, or bake food safely. Demonstrate how to clean up after a meal and how to dispose of food and paper waste.
  • When you arrive home, have the Adventurers help clean and store camping supplies. Have the parents teach the Adventurers to put dirty clothes where they belong.
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