Bible Royalty

Daily Watch


  • Memorize Psalm 100:4.
  • Name five Bible kings. Which kings were the best rulers and why?
    • Tell the stories about two of the kings as the children act out the stories.
  • Name at least four queens in the Bible.  Why are these queens important?
  • Write a story about queens and read it to the class.
  • Make two of the following:
    • A throne room using a shoe box
    • Make crowns and explain what decorations meant to the king
    • Decorate a chair for a king
    • Make a mural of a throne room
    • Other


Curriculum Connection:
My World


  • First king – Saul; second king – David; third king – Solomon.  Joash was seven years old when he started his reign; Josiah was eight when he became king, King Jesus, etc. These are just a few examples, list more if possible. (a). Use costumes, crowns, throne chair, etc. if possible.
  • Vashti, Esther, Bathsheba, Queen of Sheba, Jezebel, etc.
  • May work in small groups to write the story, then share the story with the class.
  • Use Bible story books for picture ideas.  Possibilities include throne, carpet, pictures, vases, jewels, velvet, etc.


  • Bible concordance
  • My Bible Stories
  • My Bible Friends
Adventure Awards Book