Bible I


  • Own or have use of a Bible.
  • Explain how to show respect for the Bible and how to care for it.
  • Name the first and last books of the Bible and tell who wrote them.
  • Tell or act out the following stories:
    • Creation
    • Sin and sadness begin
    • Jesus cares for me today
    • Jesus comes again
    • Heaven
  • Locate, read, and discuss the following Bible verses about Jesus’ love for you. Memorize and repeat two of them.
    • John 3:16
    • Psalm 91:11
    • John 14:3
    • Psalm 23:1
    • Your Choice
  • Prepare and act out a Bible story or parable of your choice OR, with a group, recreate a Bible story in some sand.

NOTE: The Bible I Award is a requirement of the Busy Bee class work. It may be taught in the Adventurer Club or, by arrangement and cooperation, in the church school or Sabbath School class.


  • If possible, see that each child has his or her own Bible. Teach that nothing is ever placed on a Bible and that the Bible is to be kept clean. Show how to be careful and how to handle the Bible reverently.
  • Same as 1.
  • Help the Adventurers locate Genesis and Revelation in their Bibles. Encourage them to locate each while a child tells about the author. Play Bible games, use felts, etc. Make this a happy learning experience.
  • Help the children pantomime or dramatize the stories. Encourage them to make the story “come alive.” Keep a box of props, including items such as bath robes, scarves, and a cane to help the children illustrate the Bible characters.
  • Practice finding the texts in the Bible. Read them together and explain each text so the children can understand its meaning.
  • Illustrate or act out Bible stories such as Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Creation, Garden of Eden, etc., or other Bible story of the Adventurer’s choice.
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