Home Helper


  • Assist with two of the following:
    • Laundry
    • Preparing and serving a meal
    • Washing car
    • Grocery shopping
  • Set the table and help do the dishes four times in one week.
  • Make your bed and help to clean your room for three weeks.
  • Demonstrate your ability to do four of the following:
    • Vacuum the carpet or beat a rug
    • Dust furniture
    • Sweep or mop
    • Tell the time
    • Sew on a button
    • Pick up your own things and put them away
  • Be responsible for emptying the waste baskets or trash container for one week. Separate all recyclable materials.
  • Discuss the following and learn to do each one:
    • Dust window sills
    • Remove spider webs
    • Wash windows
    • Clean woodwork
    • Vacuum or sweep the floor


  • Work is always more fun when shared. Teach the Adventurers to be helpful at home by assisting a parent or sibling.
  • Teach the Adventurers to set a table properly: fork to left of plate, knife and spoon to right, cup or glass on right above knife, napkin folded and set on plate or left of fork. Teach them to do dishes safely and to do their tasks willingly.
  • Adventurers may need assistance with bed making and keeping their rooms clean, but they definitely need to be taught these important responsibilities and good habits.
  • Household chores can be fun and are encouraged as ways a child can have a part in keeping the home clean. Learning to dust, sweep, and vacuum safely without causing more dust is important.
  • Teach the children to help empty wastebaskets and to place contents in larger trash container. Talk about how trash can be separated into glass, cans, and paper for recycling.
  • You may set up a “house” during Adventurer time. Encourage the children to work together to clean the “house” and show them how to perform necessary tasks neatly. Woodwork and window sills need to be dusted with a clean cloth or, if washable paint, a damp cloth. Place a clean rag or pillow slip over a broom to remove spider webs. Use water or window cleaner with clean cloth or paper towels to clean windows.
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